About us

TIL-TAK AS was established in 2004 with its proprietary product TIL-TAK Original, patented profiled steel sheeting for draining terrace floors built on a traditional wooden construction. The product was a huge success, and today our products are sold alongside other selected quality products for draining terrace floors at building supply stores across the country!

About us
TIL-TAK AS is registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre as a Norwegian limited company with NOK 100,000 in share capital. The company was started by the inventor and principal shareholder Petter Espegard, along with four minority shareholders: Hans Espegard, Trond Espegard, Jon Sigurd Johansen and Thorbjørn Drage. Production starts through a subcontractor Kriteig AS, and we sell exclusively to building supply stores. Turnover approx. NOK 1 million 1 employee.

Subcontractor Kriteig AS purchases a new automated press brake for bending TIL-TAK sheets. Turnover increases to NOK 4 million. 2 employees. Sheet profile changes in the winter of 2005–2006.

Kriteig AS purchases a robotic press brake to keep up with increasing production. The new sheet profile is launched! The change consists of a stepwise end-seam between the sheets, which eliminates the possibility of water being drawn back between the sheets. The new sheet profile is also stiffer, with a bend on both the front and rear edges. These bends also serve as both drip edges and water stops on each side. Turnover increases to NOK 7 million. 3 employees.

Norway is in the middle of its strongest economic upswing, and sales increase to NOK 10 million. 4 employees. The first signs of the new environmentally friendly pressure treated wood are starting to show on all of the screws and hinges attached to impregnated materials in the building supply industry. The sharp increase in copper content in the impregnation fluid turns out to be far more aggressive against zinc-coated surfaces than previously thought. We begin to search the market for polyester-coated sheet metal. TIL-TAK AS collaborates with the Danish company EFTEX Aps TIL-TAK AS becomes an agent for LEWIS Dovetail Sheeting, a light steel profile for formwork and reinforcement of lightweight concrete floors on wooden joists. With this unique sheet profile, we can offer the Norwegian market a revolutionary way to build strong and stable low profile transverse bracing, combined with unique fire protection and soundproofing properties. With underfloor heating built into the transverse bracing and with excellent heat distribution, this product provides Norwegian buildings with a joist constructed a new level of quality, while being very cost effective. EFTEX Aps, markets and sells TIL-TAK products in Denmark.

We introduce TIL-TAK sheeting with the same shape as before, but with a polyester coating on the galvanised surface. The financial crisis hits Norway and most building supply stores implement a purchasing stop, at the same time as our first competitor appears in the market:

Aco Nordic, which is more commonly known as Plastmo, has made an underroof solution for retrofitting on existing terrace floors. As we had created a huge demand in the market for a sealing solution for the existing terrace floors, and with Plastmo’s strong existing position and sales network in the building supply trade, their product, called “Drip stop” was soon stocked at most building supply stores across the country.

We start developing TIL-TAK Light, our proprietary solution for retrofitting terrace floors. We have a prototype in autumn 2008, which is carefully tested throughout the fall/winter of 2008/2009. Turnover drops to NOK 8 million. 4 employees.

In the spring of 2009, we introduce TIL-TAK Light to the Norwegian market, and have the advantage of being able to offer a solution with a 100% seal unlike our competitors. It still takes time to gain the necessary confidence in our new product, many retailers still offer “Drip Stop” from Plastmo, which had seen enormous sales success. TIL-TAK Original is still preferred and considered the “best” solution for new constructions and renovating existing terraces. Turnover of NOK 8 million. 4 employees.

TIL-TAK Light wins greater market confidence, and proves to perform as promised. TIL-TAK Light sales increase, but TIL-TAK Original drops somewhat. The construction market is still somewhat slow after the financial crisis. Turnover NOK 8 million 4 employees.

Spring sales get off to a slow start. This was a general trend for the building supply trade, and was possibly related to the extremely cold winter and soaring energy prices. We decide to pull the old galvanised sheeting from retailers, seeing the old sheeting as the possible cause of the stagnation in sales of TIL-TAK Original. To achieve this, we take a heavy financial burden on our shoulders and we offer retailers credit for the old sheeting against the purchase of our new line. It helps! Retailers become more enthusiastic and sales increase, both for Original and Light. Due to the credit for all the old sheeting, turnover remains at NOK 8 million. 4 employees.

Sales get off to a flying start in the spring of 2012, increasing sharply from previous years. Both TIL-TAK Original and TIL-TAK Light increase by over 60% in the first half of the year. This presents major challenges with regard to purchasing enough raw materials to keep pace with sales of TIL-TAK Original, and unfortunately leads to delivery delays of up to 4 weeks in our most hectic periods. We ration out our products as best we can, and can only apologise for the long delivery times for some of our customers. Interest in our products rises sharply this year, and we change procurement procedures for 2013 to be able to accommodate much stronger sales in the coming years. We launch a new online shop where retailers can login and a calculator to help customers and retailers quickly calculate how much material they need. The shopping list can be printed or placed directly in the cart in the online shop. Through our online shop, we also offer more terrace accessories, including terrace wall fittings, caulking gun, etc. Gutters with accessories are coming soon!

Together with the Danish company PROFILMETAL AS, we start PROFILMETAL NORGE AS as a partly-owned subsidiary of TIL-TAK AS. The company uses the Danish concept of selling quality steel roofing and facade cladding directly from the factory to the customer. The philosophy is based in large part on a very good online shop with a good calculator that gives each customer an exact quote on a new roof for their house in minutes!
TIL-TAK AS, NorgePb 737 Strømsø, 3003 Drammen, Telephone: 32 83 03 00 E-mail: post@til-tak.noCall us at 32 83 03 00